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Claire Fuller — Program Manager
Claire Fuller Program Manager

Claire Fuller

Program Manager

Claire has 20 years of leadership experience in natural resource management, having worked for Environmental NGO’s, public and private sectors. She is an excellent people leader and has particular interest and experience in leadership, community and stakeholder engagement and issues management. Claire was a GLF participant in 2019 her reflection is below;

“Participating in the GLF was the most extraordinary and challenging experience. I valued the speakers, those who’ve shared their story and the genuine trust, comradery and leadership shown by my fellow participants. I learnt so much about the broader SA community, which stretched and challenged me beyond what I’d been exposed to thus far in my career. Most of my professional career has been in the environmental sector – therefore I found the social inclusion topics the most challenging; these sessions deepened my empathy for those less fortunate than myself, my cup is full of gratitude – blessed am I to have been able to participate in this program.”

Claire has lead both large and small staff groups – developed and delivered training packages, managed Boards and committees and is a proficient communicator, she also enjoys challenging herself and learning.

Claire grew up in a household of entrepreneurs – which she attributes her ability to understand the importance of listening to others and a highly held value of being of service to others. Claire in her personal time gives back to her community, by being a member on 3 committees’ of Alexandrina Council.

As the newest member of our team, Claire looks forward to supporting our GLF participants to fulfil their potential as leaders of impact!