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How you can support our work

We achieve our success in developing leaders in partnership with our generous supporters. These people recognise the importance of wiser leaders for our state, and in particular, the unique approach that the Leaders Institute takes to ensure this growth is significant and sustainable.

As well as contributing to the development of SA leaders, supporting us means being associated with an organisation that is a nationally recognised driver of innovative leadership growth and sustainable change for individuals, organisations and society. We offer our supporters strong alignment and meaningful engagement with the Leaders Institute's highly-respected and credible brand.

Supporting our work can come in many shapes and sizes. You may wish to donate to the Institute, be a general sponsor or sponsor a leadership program. You could also provide sponsorship for individuals from various cultural backgrounds/sectors/regions of your choosing to undertake our programs.

We also welcome in-kind support. For example we have a wine sponsor, Pernod Ricard Winemakers, a trusted legal adviser in Finlaysons Lawyers, accommodation and support provided by the University of South Australia and our financial audits are conducted by KPMG. Other supporters host our events.

Support of the Leaders Institute is tailored to your individual needs. We have an open and ongoing dialogue with our supporters, which maximises the results of your investment and ensures a long-term and constructive partnership.

Please contact us to learn more about the benefits of becoming a supporter or in-kind supporter, or to discuss other ideas for partnering with the Leaders Institute.

Benefits of brand association

By associating yourself with the Leaders Institute you can achieve real and measurable benefits. We can offer your organisation:

Brand awareness

Utilise the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise, your brand to a clearly defined target market of leaders.

Prestigious connection

With leadership in our state and to the wider South Australian community.

Direct access

To current and future state and national leaders.

Our Supporters

We are grateful for the support of the following organisations:

Public Sector SA Gov
JDR Foundation
Pernod Ricard Winemakers
K and S Langley
Day              Family Foundation
Wyatt Trust
Community Bridging Services

What our supporters say

Some of our fabulous supporters share their thoughts on leadership and why they support us:

David Lloyd

University of South Australia

David Lloyd
Vice Chancellor & President

The programs offered by the Leaders Institute provide a unique opportunity for participants to develop a broad range of leadership skills working with some of South Australia’s best leaders in an innovative and personally challenging environment.

We have supported the Governor’s Leadership Foundation (GLF) since its earliest days, and in 2016 formalised our partnership with the Leaders Institute. This partnership is a significant cornerstone in achieving our Business School’s mission to support the development of leaders in all sections of the economy in growing their own careers, as well as growing the South Australian companies and organisations that will create a vibrant future for the state.
Erma Ranieri

Office of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment

Erma Ranieri

As Commissioner for Public Sector Employment, I firmly believe the South Australian Public Sector should always reflect on how we can build trust and confidence with the diverse community we serve. The challenges of enhancing and transforming our workforce often requires ways of rethinking and nurturing creativity. That’s why as the State’s largest employer, it is our sector’s responsibility to embrace adaptive leadership to ensure we achieve great outcomes.

It is important to invest in the leadership skills for the next round of leaders, who will need to work creatively and collaboratively to continue to build on the foundations of how we provide services to the South Australian community. The Pastor Sir Doug Nicholls and Lady Gladys Nicholls Scholarship we support is aimed at encouraging and supporting senior public servants to participate in the Governor’s Leadership Foundation Program. We are proud to continue to support diversity and values-based initiatives to unlock the potential of our workforce.
Rob Brown

Pernod Ricard Winemakers

Robert Brown
Human Resources Manager - Australian Operations

We are fortunate to have worked with the Leaders Institute since 2010 and we are very proud of our ongoing association in developing leaders within our community via this partnership.

Our creed is that we are the ‘creators of conviviality’ and that our wines and spirits enrich lives by bringing people together to share and enjoy convivial moments. Being a creator of conviviality means being yourself, honest and open in everything you undertake. We believe this view aligns perfectly with the offerings the Leaders Institute provides and what this important organisation delivers to the state by developing leaders of today and tomorrow along with connecting these individuals.

Having had several of our employees attend various programs, we can attest to the positive impact these offerings can provide.
Michael Francis


Michael Francis
Chief Executive Officer

ReturnToWorkSA has an important role to play in fostering collaboration to develop effective and sustainable solutions to challenges in our business and more broadly. Meeting these challenges means leveraging the opportunities in our state that come with having enough size to have scale, but also being small enough to be agile and responsive.

Great leadership will be the foundation of our capacity to seize these opportunities and deliver affordable work injury insurance that meets community expectations.

Our association with the Leaders Institute helps to promote the thinking and connections with other leaders that will have us optimising the product we can provide to support SA businesses and workers. We are proud to be associated with the Leaders Institute.
Darren Ball


Darren Ball, GLF Alumni 2007
Partner, Financial Services Audit

We have seen many unprecedented events that have negatively impacted on the trust that the community has in many of the significant institutions within our society. As leaders we must continue on the journey that has commenced to restore this trust - a journey that starts with us as individuals and extends to those we interact with.

To do so will take courage and commitment by the leaders of today and tomorrow. In order to achieve this we will need to demonstrate respect and confront reality. A focus on skills such as listening, clarifying, understanding and using good judgement will be necessary to ensure we are to be successful in a sustainable manner. Skills that will be critical to ensure our future leaders are active, engaged and community minded. These skills are a fundamental part of the development that participants of the Governor’s Leadership Foundation Program experience.

Whilst we face challenges, South Australia should not shy away from the opportunities that now exist. In this new era of accountability, compassion, fairness and sustainability, strong leadership built on strong values will be as important as ever.

This is why KPMG is a proud supporter of the Leaders Institute of South Australia.

Jeremy Schulz


Jeremy Schultz

Finlaysons have long been a proud and strong supporter of the Leaders Institute of SA and The Governor's Leadership Foundation program as we identified a clear alignment with an association that has a vision of innovation and is a driver for sustainable growth in the state.

That association has included formation sponsorship (as a SABV 2010 Project), chair and board roles, program participation, membership and continuing corporate sponsorship.

Now, more than ever, in these unprecedented times, business and government have a crucial role to play by providing opportunities for future leaders to be able to develop both practical solutions and game-changing innovations.

It is imperative for our future leaders to develop the skills and confidence to manage the impact of disruption to crisis with actions ranging from rapid responses to more fundamental, strategic shifts.